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Here is a little ditty about us and Glass Mountain Water prisms:

 Long ago some time in the last millennium, a bright eyed Texan and student of the glass arts, watched as his favorite guppies swam happily in the new fish tank he had made for them. The sun, at the time, was low in the western sky as it had taken the entire day to engineer the glass enclosure for his little fish. As the student placed the fish and tank on the table by the window, a flash of multi colored light streaked across the wall. The Texan was surprised by the natural display of colored light and awed by the beauty. From that sunny evening in 1980 came the water filled device we call a Water Prism. Though not healthy for fish, the Glass Mountain Water Prism is capable of capturing and throwing sunlight's true nature...a brilliant rainbow of colors.
 Since that distant time in the 1980s, Thomas and Jennifer Owens have been crafting the Glass Mountain Water Prism® for the world to enjoy. Each one of the many styles is individually crafted  one at a time by hand in Texas by us.
 We currently ship to locations in the US via USPS and our  Water Prisms are casting rainbows around the world. We sometimes offer special shipping rates for the Lower 48 States. Your rates can be found at check out.

 Texas sunlight is especially beautiful when refracted by a Glass Mountain Water Prism and Texas moonlight is an awesome sight in all of its color. 
With dedication to your satisfaction, attention to quality craftsmanship, and three decades of glass experience, Jennifer and Thomas guarantee that you will enjoy your water prism for years to come. The world famous trade marked Glass Mountain Water Prism promises to give you rainbows deluxe. We have recently added sections for some of our beautiful original stained glass panels to the site sure to check them out.

May you have a sparkle in your eye and a rainbow in your heart.

 The Glass Mountain Studio Motto:
  "skill in the service of imagination" 
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