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After so many years of providing Glass Mountain Water Prisms
the rainbow enthusiasts of the world,

We have been asked just about every question there could be about our Water Prisms.

The following questions and answers are some of the most common.
rainbow color graphic
  • What is a Water  Prism?
  •   Our Water Prisms are clear glass "boxes" filled with distilled water and when place in the direct rays of the sun, cast a beautiful show of rainbow colors      onto the immediate surroundings.
  • What is the water for? Won't the glass make rainbows on its own?
  •   The water accounts for the incredible brilliance and extra broad and colorful spectrum a Glass Mountain Water Prism can produce. The sunlight is  refracted just as the raindrops in a storm create the big rainbows in the sky.The glass only bends the light slightly and it is the water that is behind such  extraordinary colors.
  • Can I hang a Glass Mountain Water Prism out side on the porch or garden?
  •   Sure, but the water level may drop faster from spillage or evaporation when the Water Prism is installed outdoors. Freezing temperatures should be  avoided because as water freezes it expands! Uh Oh! Always empty or bring it in to a warmer place when the temperature drops to 32 degrees. We enjoy  our Water prisms on the South facing porch of our house.
  • Are Glass Mountain Water Prisms cheaply made imports? 
  •  Our water prisms have been quality handcrafted in Texas for over three decades. our motto is:
  • "skill in the service of imagination"
  • Wouldn't it be a great with fish in it?
  •   Yes it looks cool for a while with a happy little fish in it but pretty soon that fish will be belly up. The sun's heat and the metals we use in the construction of   a Glass Mountain Water Prism are not compatible with live fish! So Sad...
  • Will this Water prism keep those pesky flies away?
  •   Probably not. It will, however, repel any and all three headed dragons that happen to wander by.
  • How often will I need to refill or change the water?
  •   There is some evaporation of the water every day. We change our water every couple of months or so. It will need more water if it is displayed outside. 
  • Will my Water prism turn green with algae?
  •   No your prism should not grow a biology experiment if you remember to only fill it with clean fresh distilled water. Sometimes a prism hanging in a tree or  under an overhang on the porch can catch dirt and pollen from a rain shower. Just empty and refill with distilled water to keep the rainbows coming!
  • How do I clean my Glass Mountain Water Prism?
  • Please refer to the "Care and Cleaning" page in the site map section on this website for further info...Enjoy!
  • Which Water prism will create the best rainbows?
  • All of our Water prisms throw great broad colored rainbows, but generally the greater the volume of water and  more facets will produce bigger and more numerous rainbows.

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