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The Glass Mountain Water Prism
  Bending Light with Water Since 1980

  penta water prism        rainbows on the wall             

" More Water Means Bigger Rainbows"

Sun Catchers That Really Throw The Light   
  Imitated but Never Duplicated    

  Our hand crafted water prisms produce large, brilliant, and dazzling rainbow colors from water and large water prismglass in your home or garden. Maybe these rainbow displays are not as big as Texas, but we are working on it. High quality, large-enough-to-grab-your-attention rainbows are the reason why we have thousands of satisfied customers.  When you fill  Glass Mountain Water Prisms with distilled water and introduce them to the sun, you can not help but smile as the colors begin to dance on the walls (or the cats). A finely crafted water prism from Glass Mountain always makes a wonder gift of rainbows.

rainbow on hand

   Glass Mountain Water Prisms are made with clear beveled glass and, when filled with distilled water, cast a brilliant spectrum of colors. A special hinged door closure helps minimize evaporation. We finish each piece with a colorful beaded hanger and snap swivel to complete the package for lasting value. We also provide you with a guarantee against leakage not caused by freezing or dropping. We regularly see 20 or more year old Glass Mountain Water Prisms still throwing rainbows.

We are not trying to take over the world , get rich, or live forever. We just like rainbows from water prisms, dancing in the moonlight and listening to songbirds in the desert.
Our items are expertly crafted by hand in the heart of Texas by artisans Jennifer and Thomas Owens. They have brought smiles to people continuously since 1980. For nearly four decades, they have been bending light with glass water prisms known for lasting quality and large brilliant rainbows.

Our Favorites

rainbow from water prism
Our Fantastic Low Price: $0.00
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four sided tetra
The Tetra
Our Fantastic Low Price: $44.00
The Tetra
A four sided water prism Sweet!
Medium Diamond Water Prism
The Original Style B Water Prism
Compare at: $60.00
Our Fantastic Low Price: $54.00
You Save: $6.00
The Original Style B Water Prism
The original six sided water prism Very Popular!
large rhombohedron water prism
The Xtra Water Prism
Compare at: $75.00
Our Fantastic Low Price: $72.00
You Save: $3.00
The Xtra Water Prism
A six sided water prism Favorite!
penta water prism
The Penta Star
Compare at: $98.00
Our Fantastic Low Price: $94.00
You Save: $4.00
The Penta Star
A ten sided water prism Shine!
Big rhombohedron water prism
The Diamond Grande
Compare at: $175.00
Our Fantastic Low Price: $165.00
You Save: $10.00
The Diamond Grande
A large six sided water prism Big Gulp!
                          12 inch glass roundel
                              Click above image for video                                We also craft Original 12 Inch Roundels

Next time you need a gift for any occasion that is not the usual flowers or candy, consider a Water Prism from 
Glass Mountain Studios.
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beautiful rainbow pattern
creating rainbow dreams since 1980
"skill in the service of imagination" ™
Glass Mountain Studio
18415 Manda Carlson Rd.
Coupland, Texas 78615
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